Prabesh’s About Our Love

On the third episode of Class X Spotlight — an ongoing series where we are releasing original songs by our new talents —  we featured Prabesh Khanal with his song “About our love” last Friday. He is a singer/songwriter who mostly writes his lyrical compositions and expressive spoken word poetry in English, exploring both his […]

Lujan’s Sapanako Ghar

With our hope to introduce new faces and brand new voices to our listeners, we have dropped two originals for the ClassX Spotlight series so far. For the second episode of this series, Kathmandu-based singer-songwriter Lujan Rai Dongol was featured with his original song “Sapanako Ghar”. He is an emerging young talent with a mellow, […]

Spotlight Campaign

ClassX Spotlight is an in-house campaign that started a few years ago as a series of music videos featuring songs from aspiring passionate musicians of Nepal. As the name suggests ClassX spotlight is a project forged to create a peculiar space for artists to exhibit their musical expression, musical exploration, and experimentation; bringing them forth […]


Singer/songwriter Samriddhi Rai — fond of expressing herself through multiple endeavors, including journalism, vlogging of adventurous travels, and media — has been a leading persona in the Nepali music industry. Her indisputable vigor, along with a high spirit, pervades in her songwriting, which has primarily been bold, potent with a lyrical expression of social issues, […]

Sickjam all set for the new release

Following last week’s drop “Gang”, Kathmandu based rap trio Sickjam, is set to release their highly anticipated collaborative track with an incredibly revered artist, Gaurab Subba aka Duke — who has been in the Nepali hip-hop scene ever since the old school hip-hop era of Nepsydaz, Hakim, and Madzone. Duke and his way with words […]

DJ Bishow’s “K Huncha Vanera” feat. Yabesh Thapa premiering at Club Fahrenheit

This will be the first time we will get to watch Yabesh Thapa in a music video. Attempts have been made earlier to bring him on screen during the making of “Jhari”, his second official release; but it only had few glimpses of his performance in the video. DJ Bishow’s “K Huncha Vanera” featuring Yabesh Thapa […]